If you relate to any of these experiences, chances are you are experiencing too much stress in your life. With the Stress Relief and Rejuvenation Hypnosis Program, we assess your needs. Based on your assessment and feedback, we provide a hypnosis experience targeting muscle relaxation, stress reduction and opening pathways for your healing and rejuvenation tailored for you. 




Perfect for those experienced with hypnosis

Downloadable pre-recorded hypnosis for relaxation session so you can kick-start your success from home starting right now!
Schedule your live 60-75 minute coaching or hypnosis session online and work with Cathy from your home or office.
Access to my private social media resource and education group.

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Four Online Sessions PLUS Lifechanging Resources For Success

Package available for a limited time

Four live hypnosis or coaching sessions online via Zoom or in my Shawnee office.
Instant access to six downloadable MP3 Self-Hypnosis Sessions to master total wellness in every area.
Two eBooks you can download today that will support your emotional and physical health goals for the long term.

Platinum plan


Three Months of Coaching and Hypnosis

Recommended for those who want ongoing mentorship and a partner in change

Everything in the previous two programs so that you have it all!
Twelve weeks of individual sessions, focusing on coaching or hypnosis, designed to help you master the moment, practice mindfulness, eliminate stress, and achieve peak performance.
Additional resources, MP3 hypnosis sessions, and other resources as needed through our three months of accountability, action, and success!

I am passionate about helping empower others to unleash their potential as a solution-focused  results-driven expert coach and hypnotist. I help adults from all walks of life create, develop and implement successful empowerment. I integrate a mind, body, and spiritual approach to help guide and support your transition

Cathy Herring, Professionl Life Coach and Hypnotist

Self-Motivation Guidebook

You know you need to be more self-motivated, but getting started is hard. 
It's hard enough to start a new project or goal, but it can feel impossible when you don't have a plan.
The free self-motivation guidebook is your solution. This step-by-step guide will help you take action and stay motivated throughout the day. With this guide, you'll be able to achieve your goals finally!

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*Please note:  Counseling and psychotherapy are not services I offer.

Life coaching services focus on increasing personal awareness, teaching skills, and helping you implement your strategies for success.
If you need mental health counseling, I can make a referral.