1. Identify Your Negative Feelings
You need to recognize and acknowledge the negative feelings you have about yourself. Many people ignore them, but that doesn’t mean they will disappear. Think about them, write them down, say them out loud, and create positive statements to replace them. Make a mental note to catch yourself when you start thinking about these feelings and put your positive messages to work.

2. Keep Track of Your Wins
Take some time to write down a list of your “wins.” These can be successes you’ve had in your life, relationships that matter to you, and anything else that brings you gratitude. As new accomplishments happen, please add them to your list. Anytime you feel like you aren’t good enough, read the list to remind yourself that you are.

3. Ask Others for Positive Feedback
We are often our own worst critics. Take some time to reach out to people you trust and ask them what they think your strengths are. You might be surprised by what you hear. Also, write those down and keep them with your track of wins.